Race Series Rules and Information

Welcome to the 2018 Wagner Subaru MVMBA Race Season!

Wagner Subaro

Race Series Points Championship System

  • The series will be scored and champions awarded in each category for the 2018 season.
  • The 7 races that make up the series are the six FastLaps races (3 each at MoMBA and John Bryan State Park) and the MoMBA XC Classic.
  • A minimum of 4 points-scoring race finishes are required to qualify for the series championship.
  • Points for each race will be awarded on the following scale: 1st place – 25 points; 2nd place – 20 points; 3rd place – 16 points; 4th place – 13 points; 5th place – 11 points; 6th place – 10 points; 7th place – 9 points; 8th place – 8 points; 9th place – 7 points; 10th place – 6 points
  • Tie breakers will be, in order of precedence: number of race wins, number of podiums, finishing position at the XC Classic.


  • Riders who are eligible to race in more than one category are encouraged to enter the category in which they will be the most competitive. For instance, a very fast Clydesdale or Masters rider may choose to race in Expert.
  • A rider’s racing age is their age as of December 31 of the current year.
  • A High School rider is one who will be entering a High School grade this fall.
  • MEN’s Categories will be: Expert, Sport, Beginner, Masters (40-49), Grand Masters (50+), and Clydesdales (200lb+).
  • WOMEN’s Categories will be: Expert, Sport, Beginner.
  • High School, Junior A, and Junior B are unisex categories. Junior A is for riders entering grade 8 or lower this fall who have sufficient confidence on mountain bike trails to ride unsupervised for an hour. Junior B is for riders grade 8 or lower who are relatively new to mountain biking and may need some encouragement on the trails.
  • Fat Bike is a unisex category. Bikes with tires sized 3.5″ or larger will be considered legal for the Fat Bike category. Fat bikes may also be raced in the other categories, if the rider chooses.
  • If a rider desires to change categories during the season to better match themselves to the competition (e.g. downgrade from Sport to Beginner), they may do so. Points will be carried from one class to another on a one-time basis only. Series champions from the Beginner and Sport categories are expected to move up the following season.
  • The Race Director, at their discretion, may request that a rider change categories in order to ensure fair competition, and may reclassify riders in the results as needed.

Race Rules

  • Riders must complete the full course. Any rider caught cutting the course will be disqualified. Multiple instances of this will result in ejection from the series.
  • You can still finish the course with a broken bike, if you so choose. Pushing, carrying or dragging your bike across the line is encouraged!
  • Riders will give overtaking riders opportunity to pass at the earliest safe opportunity.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct towards other riders or race officials will result in disqualification.
  • Racer disputes will be considered by race officials within 30 minutes of the last rider completing the course.

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14 thoughts on “Race Series Rules and Information

    • Hi Eddie,

      Sport will be approximately 8.5 miles, Beginner approximately 6.5.

        • Juniors are those entering a grade less than 9 this fall. Depending on their experience, fitness, and skill level, juniors and high school riders may choose to race in the Beginner or Sport classes, as well.

        • Sorry, might have misread your question the first time. On a typical course, the beginners and juniors will cover the same distance.

  1. Can we register the day of the race? If we come earlier of course

  2. I’ve never been to momba, but am interested in racing. Is the race course easily marked for a beginner? Is there practice time?

    • Hi Steve!

      We just finished up our last race at MoMBA for the spring last night, but will be back there in September for the XC Classic. The course is always very well marked, with wide tape and course marshals at major intersections. Practice time is available before the race begins, so long as you are back in the starting area by the time the first rider enters the course at 6:30.

      Also, we have weekly races at John Bryan State Park starting in August. Check out our events page here, or find us on Facebook for more details!

  3. What does the course layout look like at JB Aug 9? Is the route published prior?

    • Hi Colin,

      The race route for 9 August will be decided the week of the race, and announced to racers just before the start. It will likely involve all but one of the trails at JB, with a mileage total somewhere around 10. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Adam,

      The Grandmasters cover the same distance as most other classes. The courses change week to week, but the average is about 9 miles.

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