The Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association cannot do anything without the dedicated support of our amazing volunteers. We rely on them for everything from trail work and event coordination to public relations and administration. We’re a small organization, but we have a big impact on the local mountain biking community and the Dayton region as a whole.

Want to get involved? Check out our Events Page for opportunities to volunteer at a trail work day or race. We supply the tools, equipment, instruction and good times… All we need is you!

If you have a skillset that would help us run the club, have a look at our current Board Vacancies for a position you might be willing to fill. Most positions require only a modest time investment, but allow us to run an efficient, effective, and legally compliant organization.

Lastly, if you love riding your bike and helping people, consider becoming a member of IMBA’s National Mountain Bike Patrol! You can join one of over 50 patrol groups and 600 trained patrollers providing trailside assistance for medical and mechanical emergencies, working with trail and land managers to coordinate emergency responses, and much more. Head on over to IMBA’s NMBP page for more information!

3 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Hi-
    I’m interested in volunteering for trail work. If you need volunteers, I’m available most evenings and weekends.


    • Thanks Harley! I’d suggest you reach out to Chris (blackpugbikes@gmail.com) to coordinate to do some trail work at John Bryan. This is the season they need the most help!

  2. Hello!

    I am the manager of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF, http://www.vimff.org) Tour, and I am looking to expand the Tour.

    The Festival, held in Vancouver, BC each February, is the second largest mountain film festival in North America, and select films go on tour straight after. The tour dates are hosted by local people or groups looking to bring great mountain films and/or raise money for their mountain-related group.

    Do you think the Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association would be interested in hosting Tour dates, or can you suggest any groups (local or statewide) who might be? It would be a great social event and a good fundraising opportunity.

    You may get additional information from our VIMFF Tour Host info pack: http://bit.ly/tour18info (this includes policies, advice on how to promote and run your event, and posters to print or use in marketing).


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