The Board

Below is a list of current, voting Board members for the Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association. The year in parenthesis next to their name is the final year of their current term.




David Treese (2018)

David is a long time mountain biker with a real passion for driving forward the cycling culture in the Miami Valley.






Chris Plunkett (2019)

Chris is a married, father of three who uses family “glamping” excursions as a disguise to go check out the most popular mountain bike hotspots in the Midwest and beyond. He once visited Bentonville, AR and now won’t shut up about it but channels that experience to driver his passion for expanding the natural surface trail systems throughout the Miami Valley. Chris pays for his biking and IPA addiction as the Director of Product Development for NYC based mobile payment and media technology company.








Treasurer 1


Paul Jones  (2018)


Treasurer 2


Matt Dolson  (2018)



Secretary 1


KHitz MVMBA HeadshotKatie Hitzeman (2018)

Katie is a cyclist and athlete, a 2006 graduate of Wright State University, and a works with Process Excellence as a project specialist for Kettering Health Network. She likes power cleans, fireworks and tequila, although not necessarily in that order.







Secretary 2


Dawn Lofland (2019)

An avid cyclist and outdoor adventurer, new to the mountain biking scene, but very passionate about increasing regional awareness and getting people out on bikes!







Membership & Outreach Director


Monika Kaleps (2018)









Race & Competition Director


Hitzeman MVMBA HeadshotPete Hitzeman (2019)

Pete will ride anything with two wheels, sometimes a very long way. When he’s not doing that, he’s running or at the gym, writing as a freelancer, or serving in the Air National Guard. He’s held a wide variety of jobs over the years, but swears the only one he was terrible at was Burger King.



Trail Advocacy Director


Burgess Gow (2019)

Bikes, family, and working with his hands pretty much sums it up for Burgess. He’s passionate about Dayton and its perfect balance of live, work, and play.







Marketing Director


Jordan Hart (2019)

Jordan is a local photographer and scout leader with a passion for bikes of all kinds. When he’s not hitting the local trails he sometimes takes off on long distance adventures. A current IMBA ICP Level 1 Ride Guide and Fundamentals Instructor.




At-Large 1


Randy Ryberg (2019)

By day Randy is a cycling advocate and coordinates cycling programs for a local park district. In his spare time he loves to spend time tinkering on bikes. A current IMBA ICP Level 2 Intermediate Skills Instructor.


At-Large 2


Emmy Fabich (2019)

By day Emmy is the Program Manager for Bike Miami Valley, looking to launch Bike Miami Valley to a new level with Bikeshare and educational campaigns for cyclists. She is passionate about the future of Dayton and believes that bicycling will be a key factor in attracting young adults and outdoor enthusiasts to the region. Emmy is an avid bike commuter and mountain biker but also gets out by kayaking, slacklining, and volunteering with the Sierra Club and the young professional organization, UpDayton. She is an involved downtown dweller, leading successful projects such as the Dayton Food Finder (grocery guide), initiated at the 2013 UpDayton Summit, and co-conspirator of other downtown projects since 2011. She teaches kayaking courses on local waterways and turns wrenches on her friends’ bikes for fun.




At-Large 3


Christopher Worrell (2018)

Chris loves all things biking. He owns and operates Black Pug Bike Repair and is currently playing a major role in the trail stewardship at John Bryan.

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  1. Do you have a rep with the Troy chapter? I live in Troy and ride the Duke Pk trail. Looking for trail condition info. Thanks

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