The Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association started as just a group of people who loved to get out and ride together. A small group of riders started talking about building a trail system for mountain bikes in the Miami Valley of Southwest Ohio. Some time later, an employee at Wright Patterson Air Force Base named Mahmoud received permission to build mountain bike trails on an unused portion of land at John Bryan State Park. After Mahmoud left the area, a member of the Wittenberg University Cycling Club named Nate kept things going. During this period, a small core group formed to help maintain the new trails, and together they became the Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association.

MVMBA joined the statewide Ohio Mountain Bike Association, as the sport surged in popularity. MVMBA began to host races such as FastLaps and the 6-hour Race for Relief to support its efforts financially. In 2006, in conjunction with Five Rivers Metroparks, MVMBA assisted with the construction of a brand new trail system at Huffman MetroPark. The new trail system, MoMBA, brought mountain biking into Dayton proper, opening up the sport to thousands more area residents.

In 2012, under the tireless leadership of Jade and Stacy, MVMBA joined the International Mountain Bicycling Association as an official chapter. The club grew substantially under their tenure, and contributed heavily to the improvements and representation of its two trail systems, at MoMBA and John Bryan State Park. MVMBA hopes to continue this trend of strong leadership and community involvement, adding new trails and expanding riding opportunities for all riders of all abilities, throughout the Miami Valley.

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